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Show and Tell

21 Feb

Alright viewers its time for some good old fashion “Show and Tell.” First we want you to Show us your delicious meals with pictures or videos whatever you got! Then we want you to Tell us how you made it, where you got the idea from and any other interesting stories to go along with your recipe. We know you have got some great recipes out there and probably even some juicy stories so now is your time to shine.

Every recipe we get we will attempt to recreate ourselves and then feature it on our blog giving credit to of course YOU. Healthy or not (although our hips prefer somewhat healthy) get in the kitchen and start cooking so we can start Grubbin’.


The College Grubber’s Syllabus

20 Feb


About the Authors: College Grubbin’ is written by two college students with the help of students from across the nation. Over the past year we have been on the look out for quick and easy fresh recipes that any student can and would want to make. We are not chefs by any stretch of the imagination but we do LOVE food especially when its fresh and super easy to make.

How the Blog Works: Our goal for the blog is to continuously provide yummy recipes which we ourselves plan on making. We will post pictures as well as tips for how to customize the different recipes to suit your tastes. We also want to encourage lots and lots of feedback and suggestions. Since this is for the college grubbers’ we also want to hear your stories. For example, did you have a huge disaster in the kitchen on perhaps you were able to seal the deal with your new love interest with one of our recipes. Whatever the story is we want to hear it!

Required Materials: Before we start dishing recipes we want to make sure all of our readers have the basics in their kitchen. The list below is perfect for any college student on a budget.

1. George Foreman!!

2. (1) Frying Pan and (1) Cooking Pot —> Both Medium Size

3. Basic Utensils (Forks, Knives, Spoons, etc.)

4. (1) Set of Measuring Cups

5. Spatula

6. Toaster, Microwave, and Crockpot (preferred but not necessary)

7. Can Opener

8. Strainer

9. Basic Mixing Bowl

10. Basic Set of Plates, Bowls, and Cups (1 of each is good enough)

Required Ingredients: This blog is going to focus and emphasize using fresh produce. However, this can always be substituted for frozen foods. We do recommend having the basics such as cooking oil (Olive or Pam), salt and pepper, butter or margarine, and any additional spices you typically prefer (ex: garlic powder).

Final Thoughts: Ultimately we want you to have fun in the kitchen while avoiding the “Freshman 15.” Our blog will also feature weekly themes such as “Vegan Grubbin'” and “Fresh Alcoholics.” We can’t wait to share all of our ideas with you and hear your stories!!

Extra Credit: Follow us on twitter @CollegeGrubbin