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Quinoa Fruit Salad

5 Mar

Don’t worry we won’t judge you if you can’t pronounce quinoa. We’ve heard a lot of different ways how to say this indescribable grain and honestly, it doesn’t really matter how you say it. Just walk on over to the bulk foods section of your grocery store, grab a scoop and start emptying quinoa into a small bag. We recommend getting between a quarter pound to a half a pound of quinoa, (there should be a scale in this section). If you’re grocery store doesn’t have a bulk section, then maybe a local co-op will have quinoa in bulk. We encourage you to try this new food out if you haven’t already because it’s definitely good for you and seriously easy to make.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Total time: 15 minutes


1/4 cup of quinoa

1/2 cup of water

4 strawberries

1/2 an apple

1 cutie or half of an orange


1. Empty water into a small or medium sized pot and put the stove on high. Let the water boil and while you wait for this to happen start rinsing and then cutting up the fruit into small pieces.

2. Once the water has boiled, lower the heat to medium low and empty the quinoa into the pot. Place a cover on top or just let it sit for about 10 minutes. Stir occasionally to make sure the bottom doesn’t become burned.

3. After it’s cooked all the way, empty the quinoa into a bowl and add your fruit into the bowl as well. You can use your hands or a fork to move the fruit around and then place in the refrigerator.


I really prefer this salad cold but you can try it warm as well. You may need to leave it in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes. When I made this salad the first time, I made it about 3 hours before our meal and left it in the fridge for awhile. Before dinner I took the salad out of the fridge and presented it for one of our family dinners one night and it was really an unexpected hit. Try out this recipe and let us know what you think! Also, let us know if you substituted any of the fruit listed above for something else!


Mexican Mosh Pit

23 Feb

Since we had a bunch of leftover red beans and ground chicken from our featured kale gumbo recipe on the site we decided to try to find another recipe including those ingredients. We ended up finding a Mexican lasagna, which, leave it to Rachel Ray to post a recipe that left us scratching our heads a little when we first read it. It definitely wasn’t what we were expecting when I started to stir all the ingredients together but it definitely turned out to be amazing! The original recipe that we tested out for dinner could easily feed four and since this is cooking for college students we decided to modify that recipe a little to make it about one to two serving sizes.

Although, one of my favorite days of the week is Thursday when we host family dinner and this recipe would be PERFECT for that! If there is one thing I learned living with 4 other girls in college is that collectively, we eat a lot of food. One of our room mates will have leftover pasta sauce, another will have steamed broccoli and a roomie might have a loaf of garlic bread. Put that all together with some noodles and bam, you’ve got yourself a nice family style meal. Some weeks we invite friends and tell them to bring over alcohol for our meal which is perfect because all you have to do is cook an appetizer and you get free alcohol out of it! One week, a friend of ours made homemade sangria and let me tell you, it was fantastic! Talk to your roomies or friends about family dinner & get that tradition rolling!

Prep time: 3 minutes

Total time: 25 minutes


¼ of the package of ground meat (we used chicken)

¼ cup of diced green bell peppers

2 tablespoons of diced onion

½ can of stewed tomatoes

½ can of red beans or black beans (strained & rinsed)

3 fajita sized tortillas

½ teaspoon of cumin or pepper

½ cup of Mexican shredded cheese

Pam cooking spray or olive oil


1. Use Pam to coat the frying pan and turn on the stove to medium high heat, after preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

2. Place the ground chicken, diced onions, beans, tomatoes, bell peppers and cumin in the pan. Start to mix everything together with a spatula.

3. Let the chicken cook fully, this should take about 8 minutes. While waiting, get out a baking dish (we used a glass one but ceramic dishes are fine too) and coat the dish with Pam. Place a tortilla on the bottom of the dish.

4. Once your chicken is cooked, start scooping a layer of the mixture onto the first tortilla. This will be your first layer, then cover it with a sprinkle of cheese and tortilla. Create one more layer on top of that with the mixture then sprinkle with cheese and cover with a tortilla. Top it off with some more cheese and place in the oven.

5. Wait about 8-10 minutes and take it out of the oven. The cheese is a great indicator if the lasagna is cooked, if its browned then take it out.


Now you have a slice of Mexican lasagna all to yourself! You can add salsa, guacamole or sour cream to your slice for additional flavor. If you are kind enough to share with your roomies & friends just double this recipe and let us know if they enjoyed it. Make sure to keep grubbin’ & check back for more family style recipes!

Show and Tell

21 Feb

Alright viewers its time for some good old fashion “Show and Tell.” First we want you to Show us your delicious meals with pictures or videos whatever you got! Then we want you to Tell us how you made it, where you got the idea from and any other interesting stories to go along with your recipe. We know you have got some great recipes out there and probably even some juicy stories so now is your time to shine.

Every recipe we get we will attempt to recreate ourselves and then feature it on our blog giving credit to of course YOU. Healthy or not (although our hips prefer somewhat healthy) get in the kitchen and start cooking so we can start Grubbin’.

Up for a Challenge? Winner Gets Skinny and Healthy!

20 Feb

In addition to providing you with lots of easy and healthy recipes we also want to share the latest information about nutrition with you. We have the tendency of sticking to the same old boring food choices (ex: broccoli and chicken) but we recently learned about some “exotic” foods that provide an efficient way to get all of the necessary nutrients without eating 6 servings of broccoli.

So our challenge to you and to ourselves is to try and create a meal with at least one of the following ingredients.  We hope to share some of your ideas as well as ours in the coming weeks. Trust us we are just as skeptical/scared as you are. Some of these ingredients we admit sound absolutely awful but hey no one said being skinny would taste good.

1. Kale – one of the world’s top sources of Vitamin A, also good source of Fiber and Vitamin C

2. Sardines – we know this sounds gross but they are one of the best sources for mood-boosting omega-3 fats

3. Pomegranate – full of antioxidants that can help fight of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer

4. Oatmeal – 4 grams of fiber per cup and is a “slow-releasing” carbohydrate…in English this means that if you eat oatmeal a couple of hours before you work out you will burn more fat

5. Quinoa – loaded with fiber and protein which the combination of this makes you feel fuller longer

6. Kefir – great for your immune system and comes in many different fruit flavors

7. Lentils – may sound boring but goes great with any dinner and your BUDGET!! Also loaded with protein and fiber

It is important to remember that we not only want to watch our calories but we want to make sure that our bodies are getting all of the vitamins and nutrition they need! Start your cooking and don’t forget to share your recipes and pictures! Grub Healthy