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Monday Morning Snooze

27 Feb

Rise and Grub! If you are like me Monday mornings are the worst! I feel like I am always waking up late and never have time to get ready let alone make breakfast. These are the days where I typically go for the quick bowl of cereal with skim milk. Any cereal that is made with whole grains and doesn’t have a lot of sugar is totally acceptable and a great way to start your day.

As we have heard so many times before, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and this is true because it gets your metabolism going. As I’ve mentioned before I like cereals such as SmartStart and Special K because not only do they taste amazing but are also good for you and keep you full for a long time. Whatever you do don’t skip breakfast this morning because then you are more likely to snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day.

Let us know what you like to eat for breakfast when you are running late by either leaving a comment or emailing us at Have a great Monday and check back later today for some easy and yummy snack and dinner recipes.


McGrubbin’ at Home

24 Feb

No matter who you are or where in the world you are the “Egg McMuffin” always sounds delicious that is until you realize that its packed with calories and sodium. Regardless of this fact I woke up this morning craving something tasty for breakfast. Its been a long week and a homemade “Egg McMuffin” seemed like it would hit the spot. This also worked out as I had some extra English Muffins from the Chicken Lentil Burger.

Prep time: 2 minutes

Cook time: 5-7 minutes


1 English Muffin

2 Eggs

¼ cup of shredded cheese (your choice but I prefer low-fat cheddar)

1 Tbs of oil


  1. Pop the English Muffin in the toaster so that its hot and ready when your eggs are
  2. Heat a skillet over medium-high and add oil
  3. Crack two eggs and pour into the skillet evening it out so it looks like an omelet and let cook for about 2 – 3 minutes then carefully flip omelet over and let cook another 2 minutes.
  4. Add cheese to one side of the omelet and flip the other side of the omelet over it to create a “sandwich” and then flip over back and forth for another minute or until cooked.
  5. Remove egg from skillet and cut a circle out of the center about the size of your English Muffin and place on toasted English muffin (its ok if this is a little messy since in the end all you really need is to put the eggs on your English Muffin)

There you go! Now you have a fresh “Egg McMuffin” that is significantly healthier than the fast food version. Try it out and let us know how you like it or if you have any good ideas as to how to make some of your favorite fast food meals at home.

Eggos Annonymous

23 Feb

I’m Mary and I’m an Eggo-aholic. I just can’t consume enough Eggos. I’m that girl who fills up the freezer with the “family-size” Eggo pack and pisses everyone off in the house. I’ve been a fan of Eggos since I can remember consuming breakfast. I will never forget when our nanny would help my brothers and myself get ready for school in the morning and she would make the most buttery, scrumptious, salivating plate of Eggos I’ve ever had. I mean, I was probably in 2nd grade and I can still vividly remember the taste of these things 16 years later. I’m telling you, they were serious business. Anyway, before I write a novel on my love for Eggos, I’ll let you know that I have cut down my intake drastically and I substituted butter for peanut butter and maple syrup for agave. I look at it now as a more healthy dependency.

Prep time: 5 minutes


2 Eggos

Agave nectar

2 tablespoons of peanut butter


1. Place Eggos in the toaster (duh).

2. Remove Eggos from the toaster and spread a thin layer of peanut butter onto each Eggo.

3. Drizzle a little bit of Agave onto the Eggos.

I’m not going to lie, it took me awhile to adjust to the taste of Agave nectar versus normal maple syrup. A trick I learned is to use it sparingly, since it is a nectar and packed with sweetness, a lot of it at once will make you cringe. If you are interested in finding out more before using Agave, look at this link, which gives a pretty unbiased opinion of the nectar: Please reassure me that I am not the only Eggo-aholic out there and leave a comment letting us know how you prepare your Eggos! Keep grubbin’ & have a great day!

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Omelette

20 Feb

Like the title says, this omelette concoction seriously has everything in it and it took less than 10 minutes to make! If you’ve got some extra time for brunch or breakfast this is a great way to knock out all of the required veggie servings you need for the day. I first opened up the fridge & checked out what we had: green onions, a red bell pepper, avocado, spinach, mushrooms, and some salsa. I guarantee this omelette will be different for everyone because you don’t have to use all of the ingredients we had above.


Prep time: 5 minutes

Total time: 10 minutes



2 large eggs

A handful of spinach

¼ of avocado

2 slices of a red bell pepper

1 stalk of green onions

3-4 mushrooms

1 tablespoon of salsa


1. Get out a pan and spray it with Pam. Crack 2 eggs into the pan and turn the stove onto to medium heat. Stir the eggs with a fork or whisk.

2. While the eggs are heating up start throwing your veggies in there, spinach first then mushrooms.

3. Use your knife and start dicing the red peppers into little cubes and do the same for the green onions and avocado.

4. Place all the veggies into the pan and start to move the eggs around, (I ended up scrambling them). After about 5 minutes on the stove take your eggs out, put some salsa on there and chow down!

An additional step I took was throwing the eggs on a tortilla with a little bit of shredded cheese and made 2 fajita sized breakfast burritos because lately I’ve been on this crazy Mexican food binge. This will set back your healthy meal about 160 calories though; I feel like I can justify that because I have to walk to the bus stop and then to my class (exercise)! Have a fantastic day & keep grubbin’!

Morning Hunger Games

20 Feb

When my alarm clock goes off in the morning, my first instinct is to hit the snooze button about 5 times until I look at the clock and notice that I have about 20 minutes to get ready, pack up my backpack and eat breakfast before my first class of the day. Let me just say that I am a breakfast lady, I LOVE breakfast, it’s my jam, so I can’t leave the house without it or skip it. Lately, I’ve been trying to find something super simple to make and grub quickly, so I bought a bunch of original instant oatmeal from Walmart and decided to improvise a little. Then one morning, I brilliantly added a tablespoon of Nutella to it and the rest is history.

Prep Time: 30 seconds

Total Time: 2 minutes


1 package of instant oatmeal

Jar of Nutella

1 banana (not necessary, but great for additional yumminess!)


1. Empty instant oatmeal package into a microwaveable bowl and add 2/3 cup of water to it. Put the bowl into the microwave and heat up for a minute and a half.

2. While it’s cooking chop up a banana into slices or just wait and skip the banana.

3. When the oatmeal is done, bust out that Nutella jar and get a spoonful of that chocolately-hazelnut goodness. Mix it into the oatmeal and you are all done!

Wasn’t that insanely easy & delicious? Also, that meal was only 200 calories, you can’t eat a regular bowl of cereal for less than 200 calories! I think my main goal with this meal was to make oatmeal not so boring and bland. Usually people don’t get super excited about having oatmeal for breakfast but when there is some chocolate involved it will definitely get me out of bed. Did I mention that I am addicted to chocolate? Have a good morning & get your grub on!