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Cocktails that are Love-Handle Friendly

2 Mar

Happy Friday!! For many of us that means getting wild tonight or perhaps hitting up a Happy Hour after work. With Spring Break right around the corner excessive drinking can totally ruin our week of working out so we must “drink smart” if that’s possible. I have got a little recipe that not only tastes good but also has about as few calories as you possibly can.

Crystal Light Punch

Prep time: 2 minutes


1. 1 shot vodka

2. 1 cup soda water

3. ½ cup ice

4. 1 Crystal Light packet (any flavor of your choosing)


1. In a glass add ice, vodka, and soda water. Then pour in about half of the crystal light packet (I used a Fruit Punch flavored packet). You can always add more as needed.

2. Pour contents into another cup and back into original cup to shake it up.

Stick a straw in it and enjoy!

The best thing about this drink is you can actually bring Crystal Light packets to the bars or restaurants with you and just order a vodka soda water. I know this sounds embarrassing but trust me if anything people will think you are a genius and you won’t get that awful beer bloat. Let us know what you’re favorite cocktails are and we will try them out next week!


Making Lunch Boxes Sexy

23 Feb

One of my weaknesses in staying healthy is when I have class all day and need to eat lunch out of the house. This is when I make grave mistakes such as snacking on salty unhealthy foods usually from the vending machine or the quickie food mart on campus. Both of these sound completely disgusting on paper but trust me when my stomach is growling with hunger I’ll do just about anything for a Kit Kat. This can have huge consequences both physically and mentally not to mention on your love handles or man boobs.

Let’s be honest packing a lunch in college defiantly doesn’t sound sexy or isn’t going to help your chances with the hottie sitting next to you. So here’s my quick tip, go to WalMart or Target (budget friendly) and load up on healthy snacks such as granola bars (organic is best) or any snack bar that is loaded with fiber since they will keep you fuller longer.

Another way to work in your budget is to buy crunchy whole grain cereal with oats or granola such as SmartStart of Special K. You can double this as both a cereal with milk for breakfast and then put some in a baggie as a snack during the day. The crunchier the cereal the better it is to snack on because it feels like you are eating a more substantial food (mental trick).

You will want to bring enough snacks with you so that you can munch on something every 2 to 3 hours. This will keep your metabolism working and therefore energizing your brain and body. Also drink lots and lots of water! Trust me the stomach growls are not cute!

Keep Grubbin’