The Slammin’ Sammie!

23 Feb

All of us know that some food from your campus cafeterias can get straight up disgusting sometimes, and then they expect you to pay $8.50 for the atrocity on your plate. I will never forget the time I went to one of our dining halls to grab a chicken burrito and when I bit into it, I almost spit it back up immediately. I guess I have pretty high standards for Mexican food since all of the local restaurants I go to at home in Los Angeles are authentic and delicious but seriously, how do you mess up a burrito that badly? The sauce was off, the chicken obviously came from a can and the rice was crunchy. Don’t even get me started about the salsa… I thought about giving back a burrito with a bite mark to the lady who served it to me but that would have taken the situation to a whole other level. We all experience this and then get mad when we waste dining points or money on something that we really did not want. So now when I have long breaks in between my classes or I have to be on campus all day, I make a little 165 calorie sammie and I’m good to go.

Prep time: 5 minutes


1 sammie round (I used Arnold 100 calorie sandwich rounds)

3 slices of turkey

Spring Mix (a handful)

Lite Mayo (1 teaspoon)

Cucumber (5 slices)

Tomato (2 slices)


1. Basically you are making a sandwich, which is super easy right? Take your bread and toast it or just start by placing a thin layer of mayo on there.

2. Cut up that cucumber and spread 5 slices around one piece of bread. Then layer on two slices of tomatoes.

3. Place a handful of greens on top of that with a couple slices of turkey and you are done!


I love this sandwich because it’s fresh, tastes great and a definite upgrade to your regular turkey sandwich. Plus, instead of using regular slices of bread these bread rounds are smaller, don’t have a crust, (an added bonus!) and are super thin so you don’t have to load up on a lot of carbs during lunch time. I usually like baby spinach in my sandwich but this week the greens in our house are a spring mix which equally tastes just as great. Let us know what you think of these sammies & what you like to put in yours! Grub healthy gang! 


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