Who Wants Beads: Mardi Gras Edition

21 Feb

In honor of Fat Tuesday we are going serve you up the College Grubbin’ version of a New Orleans Hurricane. Hope you don’t have an early class tomorrow 🙂

So we all know the better a cocktail tastes the more calories it is likely to have. Our goal for this drink is to keep the taste but try to minimize calories. As a disclaimer we must say we do not encourage underage drinking but who are we to judge.

New Orleans Hurricane (Skinny-ish)

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Ready In: 2 minutes


½ cup ice

2 fluid ounces light rum

½ cup V8 passion fruit (replaces 2 fl oz. passion fruit flavored syrup)

1 cup lemon-lime flavored carbonated drink

1 fluid ounce 151 proof rum


Its pretty easy, you want to mix all these ingredients together either in a shaker (if you’re fancy) or if like us use two cups and just keep pouring it from one cup to the other until its well mixed.  Then taste it and if its too strong add more V8 and lemon-line juice or if its not strong enough then just add some more rum and enjoy!

As always drink responsibly and remember it is not appropriate to yell “Show us your boobs for Beads!” unless you’re at the real Mardi Gras down on Bourbon Street. Cheers!


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