What Your Food Labels Don’t Tell You…

20 Feb

Now I don’t know about you but when I am grocery shopping I get totally sucked in when labels say trendy words like “Glutten-Free” or “All Natural” but as the old saying goes, never judge a book by it’s cover (in this case food by its label). I wanted to bring your attention to some misleading advertising so you can be a savvy shopper.

 1. For the seed lover (Pumpkin, Sesame, etc) you might be tempted to dish out those extra couple bucks for “Gluten-free” seeds however no need since all seeds are NATURALLY gluten-free. So hold onto that cash and buy up some generic brand.

2. If you are watching your cholesterol then don’t be fooled by products such as corn oil claiming its “Cholesterol-free” when in reality all plant based food has zero cholesterol. So if you prefer using olive or vegetable oil go for it as that is also cholesterol-free.

3. Now I know some of you love that frozen food aisle especially the pizza section so lets discuss the meaning of “Real Cheese.”  While technically foods that advertise “Real Cheese” have to be made with actual dairy it doesn’t mean they can’t add in preservatives and colors. So take a closer look at the back label and if it says “cheese product” then that’s a huge red flag!


4. When we are feeling under the weather we all want that quick fix or “special tea” meant to help us recover but just because the labels make some sort of health-related pledge doesn’t actually mean its true. Easiest way to see which are telling the truth is to look at the types of words they use. For example does the label say it supports or promotes something (RED FLAG) or that it prevents something (BUY).

5. Last but not least the “All Natural” label. Now we are all about fresh and buying natural products so when I read that I couldn’t trust this label I almost wanted to give up on food all together (dramatic I know).  The story behind this lie is that the FDA hasn’t yet defined what natural means and so they don’t regulate how companies use it. Basically, don’t let that label drive your buying decisions since its basically meaningless.


OK I have now prepared you to take on the grocery store like a champ! If you find any other label lies or just ironic/funny labels please share them with me by either leaving a comment or sending in photos. Keep Grubbin’!!


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