Fiesta or Farts, It’s Still a Winner!

20 Feb

Sometimes, we get into these weird cycles where you eat turkey sandwiches for days or eating bowls of cereals for every meal because it’s easy and convenient. But after awhile I start to despise Cinnamon Toast Crunch and want something new & unique for dinner, that’s where the tostada comes in. How convenient is a bowl, that you break apart and eat or dip into whatever is in the tostada? Such a brilliant idea, right? I found a tostada at Kroger for $1.25, a can of refried beans for 99 cents, picked up an avocado for $1.50 and some salsa for $3. This meal was super cheap and sooooo good! Side note: since I am a SoCal native, I am a guacamole fiend. You may find a lot of future recipes with homemade guac included! If you hate guac, substitute it for some salsa instead.


1 can of refried beans

1 chicken breast

A sprinkle of Mexican blend cheese

½ avocado

Tablespoon of salsa

1 tostada shell

1 lime


1. Wash chicken and cut into little cubes, throw these on the George Foreman grill or use a frying pan on medium high heat for 8 minutes. Flip them over occasionally and make sure they are fully cooked before placing into tostada!

2. Empty can of refried beans into pot and heat at medium. You have to keep watching the beans and stirring them frequently or else you get a filmy lining around the pot. Keep these warm while you prepare the other parts of your meal.

3. Take a small bowl and place half an avocado in it. Begin to mash it up with a fork and take the tablespoon of salsa and start it blend it into the mixture. Throw a pinch of salt in there, as well as a squeeze of lime and boom, you’ve got fresh guac!

4. Spread about ½ of the beans into the bottom of the tostada shell then place the cubes of chicken on top. Sprinkle some cheese on there then scoop your guac on top.

This meal reminds me of home, was so easy to make and I was so full before I could even finish the tostada! If you use something else in your tostada or prepare it a different way, we would love to hear about it in the comments section! Keep grubbin’ gang. Ole!


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